The Aventus Partners Index on Human Capital (APEX-HC)

The services sector is the fastest growing in India. Starting with a 55% of the GDP contribution, in 2004, it now contributes to 62% of the GDP of Indian Industry (in 2011) and slated to continue growing at a scorching pace.

In the Services sector, the most critical assets of the company walk out of the door every evening and back in the next morning. The Aventus Partners Index on Human Capital (APEX-HC) is designed to help distinguish between Services organizations that merely trade on market arbitrage to those that actually use human capital as exceptional leverage to extract maximum performance for their stakeholders.

What distinguishes one organization from another in the services space? How should you distinguish in performance between firms whose core asset is Human Capital? Firms need to nurture talent, invest in them, remunerate them and train them on higher order skills and competencies to reap the rewards over the years to come, else the law of diminishing returns will ensure that the one capability you possess as a services business gets commoditized and pulled down by competition. It is important to keep your talent at the cutting edge of innovation investing in them as assets and watch as they open up new revenue avenues for your business.

The Aventus Partners Index on Human Capital analyzes the financial statements of services companies in India and arrives at a ranking of the companies that manage their Human Capital the best in their businesses to derive maximum shareholder benefit. If the next Apple or Google are going to come from India, chances are that you will find them very high on the APEX HC index.