Talk to any business leader or entrepreneur who is successfully building his business in India, and ask him his biggest constraint for growth. Invariably you get the answer “I don’t have the right kind of people to help me grow to the next stage”. Dig a little deeper and you realize it’s the X-factor called leadership that he is looking for in specific individuals across different levels of the organisation.

He knows what he is looking for, but he needs a robust process that will help him identify people who have the potential in them to lead the organisation.

Given the criticality of the roles these individuals play, the business leader/entrepreneur needs to be certain he is making all the right bets. And in case the people within the organistaion are not ready yet to move into critical positions, what he needs is a process that will focus specifically on their development. It’s not just any training program but one that looks at leadership and managerial competencies holistically.

All the partners at Aventus Partners have, over the years been involved with organizations, large and medium, public funded and multinationals; in helping assess their key managers on leadership and managerial competencies. They have also been involved in creation of individual development plans and personally leading development discussions and mentoring efforts.

Arising out of these learnings we at Aventus Partners serve our clients in two ways:

  • Assessment for Potential
  • Development of Next Generation Leadership

Assessment for Potential

What do we do?

We help you articulate and define the critical leadership competencies that are relevant for your organisation and context. We tool your people to appreciate what these competencies mean and how it translates into desired behaviors.

We assess your key people on these defined competencies through a combination of methods that are appropriate to you based on criticality, cost and the extent of customization needed. We are flexible in our assessment methods. We typically assess through Behavioral Event Interviews, role plays, case studies, or a combination of all this in the form of development centres.

We help you understand the readiness of people based on demonstrated competencies for movement into the next roles and we provide expert support to you to take decisions on inducting talent from outside for specific roles.


Development of Next Generation Leadership

How can we help?

Using the results of our independent assessment against predefined competencies and inputs from your internal performance processes, we can help you identify a set of potential leaders.

The assessment results are shared with the assessees to co-create individual development plans that include projects in their workplace. The development process includes 6 to 8 days of formal structured sessions that help them understand the desired leadership competencies and their current proficiency levels, develop the competencies in a simulated non/threatening situation, discover ones styles, attitudes, preferences, deep seated beliefs and assumptions that motivate one to behave the way they behave.

On the other hand, if you have already chosen a set of potential leaders we would be glad to help you develop them through the above process, once there is a concurrence on the competencies that need to be strengthened.

Measurement of Success

We measure the success of these initiatives in terms of the accomplishment of the organization's business context and our performance measures are closely linked to those of the organization (such as, using the balanced scorecard measures or similar measures of performance that may exist in the organization). Some of the indicative measures are:

  • Performance against targets in the current role, 12 to 24 months post assessment
  • Assessment on readiness for future roles by the leadership nomination process
  • 360 degree feedback