We use our deep expertise in the domain of  talent management to enable our clients design bespoke solutions for their unique talent challenges, challenges for which there have been no real precedent to look for within their organisation or outside in their specific industry.

We partner with our clients in addressing these challenges putting in our exhaustive research, knowledge gathered over executing past assignments and a conscious sensitivity to people issues.

We help ideate solutions, and  partner in execution as per the demands of the context.

A few of theTalent Management challenges that we have helped our clients address are detailed.


Partnering in Change – Internalizing the People Agenda at Asian Paints

Asia’s 3rd largest paint company has charted out its strategic 5 year plan for the period 2013-18. One of the key initiatives identified by the organization for achievement of this strategic plan was enabling its 1000 plus People Managers to “Internalize the People Agenda”.

We at Aventus Partners, partnered with an empowered group of leaders (“QUAT” – a cross functional group) from within the company in anchoring this initiative.

Over a 7 months period of intense work we designed and anchored a change management process that enabled the organization define the end state and secure buy in across stakeholder groups on the solutions and action steps that would help them transition to the desired end state.

Implementation plans were signed off by the executive team and are currently being executed by the HR Leadership team from January 2014 through a phased organisation wide roll out that will conclude in March 2015.

The initiatives were clustered around 3 key themes of:

  • 1. Understanding the People Management Role and skills to perform the role,
  • 2. Creating organizational Enablers,
  • 3. Measurement of Progress


Aligning for Growth - Strategy Deployment, Cascade and Performance Measurement at VKL Spices

VKL Spices, a market leader, in the B2B seasoning segment, had laid out an ambitious plan for growth in the Tastes business. India Value Fund Advisors have backed this growth plans through a significant capital infusion.

Growth plans, specific to business segments have been laid out around 4 verticals. The organisation was desirous of creating a Performance Management framework that drove these growth plans.

Aventus Partners partnered with the organisation to ensure alignment of all employees to these growth plans through:

  1. Identification of growth drivers for each business
  2. Defining the role of all functions in driving this growth
  3. Definition of Key result areas (Objectives) and Key Performance Indicators (Measures) for all businesses and functions and converting them into score cards based on the Balanced Score Card framework
  4. Identification of all unique roles in the organisation
  5. Defining the roles and responsibilities of all unique roles (60 nos) around 4 responsibility clusters namely (Financial, Customer, Process and People)
  6. Cascading the Key result areas (Objectives) and Key Performance Indicators (Measures) to every unique role
  7. Facilitating the process of target setting


Participative Growth - FICCI

FICCI, the largest and oldest apex business organization in India was desirous of ensuring that:

  1. Its leaders share a combined sense of mission
  2. They were structured in a way which is geared for superior performance, and
  3. Key employees were competent and ready to enthusiastically embrace change initiatives

The project was headed by Aventus Partners in two parts.

In Phase I, we led a study that assessed the current state of the organization on parameters to facilitate the above state. Recommendations of the study were presented to the Presidium of FICCI. These recommendations included creation of a vision and alignment of the employees towards that vision through a renewed organization structure, role redefinition for key roles and performance scorecards.

Phase II focussed on:

  1. Design of the organizational structure at FICCI
  2. Review of reporting relationships and matrix structures, if any
  3. Identifying and defining optimal reporting structures for better and more effective organizational functioning
  4. Analysis of the current Performance Management System (PMS) and recommendations on the optimal state of the PMS from FICCI's perspective
  5. Defining  KRAs and KPIs for the for the Leadership Team  and the top 4 levels of the organization


Co-creation of the Organization’s Vision, Mission and Value Statements and Facilitate collaboration across BUs – VVF

The 4000 Cr organisation with a 75 year history and presence in 3 continents had ambitious plans of growth. Driving this growth was the leadership team that included the members of the founding family and a set of highly qualified and experienced professionals. The organisation wanted to lay a firm foundation for the next phase of their journey. We at Aventus Partners custom designed a process which facilitated.

  1. Articulation of  a shared and unified vision for the VVF group encompassing  all businesses
  2. Securing agreement on some non-negotiable values that will guide all activities
  3. Articulation of  the Mission of VVF - The reason for its existence
  4. Driving synergy between diverse businesses paving the way for shared goals
  5. Laying the foundation and Road Map for strategic priorities and strategic objectives for the next 3 – 5 years
  6. VVF leaders to understand each other’s style to  work more effectively  with each other


Creating a culture of High Performance and Innovation at PTC India Ltd.

PTC was set up with the mandate of promoting investment in the power sector and had pioneered many innovations and established a reputation of entrepreneurship in its journey of over a decade. However the last couple of years have seen the organization lose its edge in the areas of business, innovation, knowledge and talent.

Aventus Partners was mandated by PTC to enable them to create a work-performance culture in the organization and foster innovations. The project consisted of 2 phases.

Phase I involved Creation of an HR Road map basis:     

  1. A detailed audit of the HR Policies to identify gaps at the policy and practice level
  2. Mapping the evolution of the HR process to the organizational evolution of PTC, and
  3. Analysis of the impact of the same on the various employee touch points

The road map included structural mechanisms to drive the changes and phase wise plan to revamp and align HR policies and processes based on a prioritization matrix. The revamp areas suggested by Aventus Partners were accepted by the Executive Committee of PTC.

Phase II: Aventus was mandated to partner with PTC in implementation of the following areas

  1. Identification of unique roles in the organization
  2. Creation of the unique role descriptions
  3. Identification of KPIs for the unique roles
  4. Creation of the cascade of KPIs and the Performance Management System (PMS)
  5. Broad banding of existing bands and grades at PTC
  6. Definition of new bands and grades
  7. Fitment of people into the new broadband system
  8. Compensation design for the identified broad bands
  9. Review of the HR policy manual
  10. Creation of new HR policy manual reflecting defined bands and grades and newly designed performance management system


Succession Planning at Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments, the world's largest mutual fund house, with assets under management of over 200 billion USD, was keen on working on a system to develop Senior professionals at the Director level and above, to meet with the organizational needs and individual aspirations to help these professionals assume leadership roles for their employees in its India organization that has over 1500 employees in the GIC model

Fidelity reached out to Aventus Partners, to partner with us to provide coaching services to a  select group of individuals who were identified as high performers, but were unable to make it to the next level of management on account of their management styles.

Aventus Partners commenced the process of coaching, by initially having a round of discussion with the individuals’ superiors, the CEO of the organization and Human Resources function.

Aventus Partners also conducted psychometric assessments of the individuals in the process to also assess current state.

Based on the psychometric assessments and the inputs from the department heads and the HR function, Aventus Partners then conducted in depth coaching for these individuals.

This was targeted, towards improving the individuals’ approach to work in the following areas:

  1. Improvement of delegation and oversight of work, rather than working by themselves on their work areas.
  2. Better bonding with their teams, providing feedback on work related issues to issues that arise from work and not to individuals.
  3. Adopting an approach of propagating the work done by subordinates and becoming their cheerleaders so that the organization is able to appreciate the effort of the team and not only the individual
  4. Setting up specific improvement areas after assessing them on the organizational competency framework and seeing how they fare in the in-basket exercises
  5. Experience based coaching, to provide them specific inputs in the areas that they struggle with (communication, planning, execution, oversight, delegation of authority, and giving feedback)

Based on the outcome of coaching exercise, one individual has been appreciated for making appropriate behavioural changes and is being considered for the next movement, and another individual is on track to be internally moved into a lateral role.


Developing the Leadership Pipeline at Kotak Mahindra

Kotak Mahindra, a leading new generation bank has an initiative aimed at strengthening its leadership pipeline. As a part of this initiative Aventus Partners worked with 18 high performers at the level of Sr. Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents in charting out their development paths. This involves analysing the data thrown up by the Predictive index and the results of the 360 feedback to arrive at critical development areas. The analysis is jointly discussed with the individual and his immediate superior to identify development priorities and co create development plans. Progress and necessary action plans steps would be reviewed every year.


Articulation of Vision and Values - SudChemie

Facilitated the leadership team of a Catalyst Manufacturing major re-articulate their Vision, Values and desired culture.


Structuring for Growth - AbsolutData

The organization, an emerging player in the Analytics space worldwide was on the cusp of its next phase of growth. In line with the desired growth strategy we defined all unique roles (existing and required), created a migration plan into the new structure, and defined the organization and functional scorecards, including identification and finalization of performance measures (KRA & KPI). We also defined career paths for all job families and articulated key technical and leadership competencies. The organization subsequently also received PE investment. Into the fourth year of our engagement we continue to partner in building a robust organization that can deliver on its vision through multiple initiatives.


Aligning the Team for Growth - Synthite Industries

A Natural product company, a world leader in its segment had as part of its growth strategy created a new product development group and articulated challenging goals for this group. The organisation was keen to ensure that this strategic move took off smoothly. We helped align the key team members of this group towards the common goals through articulating the vision and core objectives of the group, identifying key performance measures of the group and that of key sub groups (Including the mechanisms to evaluate performance) and ensured commonality of understanding on how this group will value add to the rest of the organisation and interface with it.


Attracting and Retaining Key Talent - Spice Energy

A private energy company was in the process of setting up a refinery in India. They were building up a startup team and had to bring in a project team of over 150 professionals on board. They faced a host of challenges in attracting this talent from both private and government owned companies in the sector. We at Aventus Partners helped the key executives explore the options available to attract talent and zeroed in on an employee ownership plan (stock options) as the key differentiator. A plan that catered not only to attracting talent but one which had a strong individual and project performance orientation and which would facilitate retention was presented and approved.


Developing People Management Skills - AbsolutData

The project involved developing the People Management skills of professionals with 5- 8 years of experience who were transitioning to managerial roles. Key focus areas were their ability to manage subordinates as individuals and their ability to lead and manage a group as a team. The intervention included a 2 day group workshop followed by two one on one personalised sessions with the participants spread over 3 months.


A first of its kind industry study - UEM

A water management company with a successful track record had received equity funding and was gearing to scale up from the current 250 employees to 2000 over an 18 month period. Being a niche and a nascent industry, talent necessarily had to be attracted from a host of other industries including conglomerates who had a niche vertical in this sector. The organisation needed benchmarks on where to peg salaries so as to prevent gross inequities that would result from this situation but were hampered by the lack of information. We at Aventus Partners conducted possibly the first of its kind industry study directly targeting the professionals from the sector both in standalone water management companies as well as conglomerates and successfully helped establish the benchmarks.


Designing a Nimble and Scalable Organisation - AdaniWelspun Exploration Pvt. Ltd.

One of the first assignments we worked on within a few months of setting up Aventus Partners was a mandate for creating systems and processes for an Oil & Gas exploration company in western India.

The ‘task’ this time around, was to create an organisation that is scalable, demonstrates the vision of two of the largest business houses in India and at the same time is nimble and efficient enough to provide for significant growth over a 5 year period.

Aventus Partners put together a fold out structure for the organisation, that started off the organisation as a lean fighting machine, with the capability and the complexity to include extremely complicated oil & gas capabilities while going forward, such as processing facilities, FPSO platforms, a G&G function which could house independent cutting edge capabilities and a full-fledged production function.

We learnt that to be able to conceptualize an organisation as it evolves, you need to first break the boxes in the organisation structure down to the last granular detail and then assemble it back together, without missing a single bolt.


Facilitating Conflict Resolution

A boutique professional services firm started by a set of professionals was on the cusp of its next stage of growth. They wanted to build the organisation together, but there were unresolved ownership issues between the promoters ranging from issues of equity contribution, fairness in compensating individual efforts, etc. We facilitated the resolution process to arrive at an amicable meeting of minds to help transition into a smooth operational model.


Review of HR Processes & Performance Management System at Sheela Foam and rationalizing their Grading Structure

Sheela Foam, maker of India’s largest selling mattresses (Sleepwell) and foam products, is an INR 1100 crores, 40 year old family owned organization. With nothing apparently going wrong in the business, the management  realized that they are out of touch with modern HR practices outside their realm and are possibly missing out on many exciting opportunities for faster growth. Aventus Partners was retained to review their existing HR Practices, rationalize the highly layered gradation system and recommend measure to allow the organization to perform more effectively, particularly in the context of the performance management system.

Based on the advice provided by Aventus Partners, Sheela Foam has instituted a new performance management system across its 4 manufacturing units and sales offices.